Preserving the Yellow Dog Watershed
in its most natural state for the use of the public,
now, and for the benefit of future generations.

Land Protection Program

Our most successful methods of protecting sensitive lands from overuse or misuse has been land acquisition. The Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve is a land trust which owns and monitors 412 acres of land within the watershed. The parcels remain open to the public for non-motorized recreation. We envision a healthy watershed with intact natural systems that is protected for the appreciation of future generations and an educated community that values natural resources and an engaged body of citizens that advocate protecting them (Our Vision Statement). The protection of specific parcels in the watershed will help us preserve aquatic habitats and riparian areas for a wide variety of wildlife and keep beautiful waterfalls open to public access. Without our efforts the watershed would be more at risk of fragmentation and degradation of its natural conservation values.

We are also interested in other tools for land protection, such as: conservation easements, local zoning, and land use management. Every activity in a watershed has the potential to affect water quality, and some human activities are known to accelerate those affects at a rapid rate which can permanently damage native fish and bird habitat, deer populations, and high-biodiversity areas. These tools ensure that countless future generations can experience the watershed in the same ways that we have.