Preserving the Yellow Dog Watershed
in its most natural state for the use of the public,
now, and for the benefit of future generations.


Ruling on jurisdiction not in favor of petitioners

6 Aug , 2009  

The National Wildlife Federation, Keweenaw Bay Indian Community, Huron Mountain Club, and Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve have pointed out that the DNR’s land lease decision violated the common law public trust doctrine. The plaintiffs asked that Judge Paula Manderfield should consider that re-opening a previous decion. In March, Manderfield dismissed the opponents’ appeal of the DNR’s lease decision. In April, Manderfield agreed to reopen a portion of the case to hear the public trust jurisdiction issue only. Because Manderfield’s original capacity in this case was to rule on an appeal to an earlier DNR decision to lease to Kennecott, mining company attorneys argued the claim lies outside Manderfield’s jurisdiction. More…

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WMAN grant approved

28 Jul , 2009  

Western Mining Action Network and Indigenous Environmental Network approved a $3000 grant from YDWP to assist in funding our water chemistry program. This money will go directly to the analysis of water samples in the Yellow Dog and Salmon-Trout River watersheds for low level micro-analysis. “We want to have the best baseline information regarding current water quality conditions as a preventitive measure against degradation in any form,” said Emily Whittaker, Executive Director of YDWP. WMAN has long supported the mission of our group and helps others facing a prospective mining plan in their community. YDWP thanks WMAN very much for their support!

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YDWP receives $1000 grant

28 Jul , 2009  

Freshwater Future is pleased to announce that our group will be receiving a grant in the amount of $1000 to put toward our strategic planning. “This project is imperative to the success of any watershed group in times like these. We have never had as many threats, meanwhile dealing with economic hardships. This money will help us stay on track regardless of obstacles,” said Emily Whittaker, Executive Director of YDWP. Freshwater Future has support our group many times in the past and funds local watershed groups around the Great Lakes Basin. Visit for more information about this funder.

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Annual Beach Clean Up

28 Jul , 2009  

Join YDWP staff, volunteers, and Board to the annual Alliance for the Great Lakes Beach Clean Up. This year we will be cleaning up Squaw Beach in Big Bay on September 19, 2009 at 11am. Participants interested should call our office and let us know you are coming at 906-345-9223. Past years have been very successful in that we collect alot of garbage that would eventually end up in Lake Superior! Please take a day for some civic duties. Light refreshments will be provided.

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Final Leg of Walk, Paddle, and Roll

28 Jul , 2009  

Part 3 of the Great Lakes Walk, Paddle, and Roll will commence on August 29nd with a bike ride of 20 miles. Join your favorite Yellow Dog friends and Save the Wild UP for a mountain bike ride through the Yellow Dog Watershed with a tour leader. Come just for the fun of it or donate to bike at or This fundraiser is in conjunction with Freshwater Future and proceeds will be directed to our group as well as other watershed activists in the Great Lakes basin. it is a great way to do your part! Call 906-345-9223 (YDWP office) or 906-228-4444 (SWUP office) for more information.


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Protect the Earth/Rydholm Memorial

28 Jul , 2009  

Join fellow earth lovers for the 2nd annual Protect the Earth event. This year’s event begins August 1st at noon on the campus of Northern Michigan University in the Whitman Building. The first day will hold speakers such as Eric Hansen, Laura Furtman, and Al Gedicks along with dancing, music, and film. Protect the Earth continues August 2nd with a unified Walk to Eagle Rock. All interested should follow the signs from Marquette to the Clowery Bridge along the Yellow Dog River on the plains. Participants will walk to the rock and have a lunch. Speakers will continue until 2pm. In addition, a memorial to Fred Rydholm will commence at 2pm until 4pm.