Preserving the Yellow Dog Watershed
in its most natural state for the use of the public,
now, and for the benefit of future generations.

Citizen Action,Sulfide Mining,Water Quality

Water Withdrawal Incident in Big Bay

26 Jan , 2015  

Big Bay residents contacted the Yellow Dog office on January 19, 2015 during the morning hours for concerns about a withdrawal or possible unregulated discharge into saturated areas adjacent to the Dam Road on the north side of Lake Independence. The residents observed a tanker truck with L & H Industrial insignia with a pump and hose in a ditch. L & H is a global mining parts manufacturing company. Residents took photos, and observed the site where green liquid had been spilled in the ditch and all over the ground. YDWP investigated further. More…

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Citizen Action,news,Sulfide Mining,Water Quality

DEQ Approves Omission of Fabric Filter Dust Collector in New Air Quality Permit and Other Mining Updates

5 Jul , 2013  

Last Friday, June 28, 2013, the DEQ announced their decision to approve a new Air Quality Permit for modifications to Eagle Mine. The modifications include: constructing the single Main Ventilation Air Raise (MVAR) without a bag house fabric filter dust collector, moving the ore-crusher from the mine to the mill in Humboldt, and adding an enclosed aggregate storage building.  A public comment hearing for the permit was held on March 12 and written comments were accepted for a 30-day period. At that hearing there was strong public opposition to the More…

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Citizen Action,grants,news,Water Quality

Patagonia Environmental Grant Awarded to Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve

23 May , 2013  

The Yellow Dog River Watershed Planning Project continues with $3,000 from Patagonia’s Environmental Grants Program. This community planning project will determine the goals and priorities of the Yellow Dog River watershed. The main task is to create a document called a watershed management plan (WMP) that will be approved by the DEQ to define the actions needed to protect the watershed from known and potential pollutants and to restore the watershed in More…

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