Preserving the Yellow Dog Watershed
in its most natural state for the use of the public,
now, and for the benefit of future generations.

Kirtland’s Warbler Survey

6 Jun , 2014  

We are looking for volunteers to join Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve and friends for the annual Kirtland’s Warbler Singing Male Survey on the Yellow Dog Plains this June 2014. The Kirtland’s Warbler is a small songbird with a gray body and a yellow chest. It was designated an endangered species in 1967 and was close to extinction with a population of around 30, but through the efforts of countless biologists and other dedicated individuals there are now nearly 2,000 singing males and the species is being delisted to “threatened” status. A pair of Kirtland’s require at least eight acres of dense jack pine forests to nest, and 30-40 acres to raise their young (USFWS). More…

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YDWP Supports Keep Michigan Wolves Protected Campaign

20 Feb , 2013  

Keep Michigan Wolves Protected is a coalition of conservation groups, animal welfare organizations, wildlife professionals, hunters, ranchers and other Michigan citizens working to protect Michigan’s fragile wolf population. For about the last 50 years wolves have been fully protected in Michigan and have been on the Endangered Species List for close to 40 years.  With the added protection over the last half-century, the near extinct population has been slowly recovering with numbers now close to 700.  The species was delisted from the Endanged Species List in 2011 by the More…

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Kirtland’s Warbler Survey in June

16 May , 2011  

A Kirtland’s Warbler Survey will be ongoing from June 6 through June 20, coordinated by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and local volunteers. To help  survey the Yellow Dog Plains for this endangered bird, volunteers can call our office at (906) 345-9223. Surveying in Marquette County is done by vehicle, as well as walking through habitat areas. Maps of habitat areas are provided, and each morning of the survey, those participating will meet at the Triple AAA and Co. Rd. 510 intersection. This is a fantastic opportunity to view many species which make their home in the jackpine plains of the Yellow Dog River corridor. Bring binoculars, water, food, gear, and be willing to battle the insects. Please call ahead  if planning to join us!

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