Preserving the Yellow Dog Watershed
in its most natural state for the use of the public,
now, and for the benefit of future generations.

Citizen Action,Sulfide Mining

Lundin Lease Op-Ed: Here We Go Again

1 Dec , 2014  

Aerial photo by Chauncey Moran.

By Gene Champagne

Concerned Citizens of Big Bay

Eagle Mine LCC, a subsidiary of Lundin Mining of Toronto and Sweden, has recently applied for a mineral lease on 40 acres of state owned property (in other words OUR property) that lie a short distance southeast of the current Eagle Mine site. More…

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Citizen Action,Sulfide Mining

Online Petition Created in Opposition to the Eagle Mine LLC Minerals Lease Application

11 Nov , 2014  

Minerals Lease sign on letter directed to DNR Minerals Management Office for new lease application for minerals adjacent to Yellow Dog River.

We have until December 1st, 2014 to comment on the new proposed metallic minerals lease submitted by Eagle Mine LLC for state-owned minerals beneath a 40-acre parcel next to the Yellow Dog River. We urge the DNR to oppose this application due to the high risk for damage to the environment, human health, and habitat for rare, threatened and endangered species. Please sign the petition created by Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve and Save the Wild UP which will be sent to the DNR Minerals Management Office. More…

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Citizen Action,Sulfide Mining

Eagle Mine Applies for Another Metallic Minerals Lease Next to Yellow Dog River

23 Oct , 2014  

Eagle Mine Applies for another Metallic Minerals Lease from the state of Michigan in the Yellow Dog Watershed.

A 40-acre parcel adjacent to the Yellow Dog River in Michigamme Township owned by the State of Michigan with underlying state-owned mineral rights could soon be leased for more mining development to Lundin Eagle Mine. The mining company applied for a Metallic Minerals Lease on this parcel, and the boundary lies less than half a mile of the Yellow Dog River stream bank on the plains. The legal description of the parcel is: NE1/4 SE1/4, Section 13, T50N, R29W. More…

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Education & Outreach,Sulfide Mining

October In the Yellow Dog Watershed

10 Oct , 2014  

Rochelle Dale's Aunt Mildred and her dad nailing down the boards on the Zender and Dale home roof in the Yellow Dog Watershed.

By Rochelle Dale

Octobers on the Yellow Dog always remind me of Aunt Mildred and my mom and dad. They would have been in their seventies at the time, back in the early 1990s.  We were driving along the Toboggan road that runs parallel with the river when Mildred pointed out a young spruce tree covered in the yellows and reds of fallen maple leaves. She said,   “Why, that’s as pretty as any Christmas tree I ever did see. “ More…

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Fall 2014 Howl Newsletter

10 Oct , 2014  


The leaves have changed here in the Upper Midwest, and you can hear whispers of winter when you step out onto your doorstep. Days are getting shorter and the air is much cooler, but don’t worry, reading the latest newsletter from Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve is sure to warm your heart. It is full of good deeds made by wonderful people dedicated to protecting places they love. Take a look at the online version of the Fall 2014 Version 18, Issue 2 and consider renewing your membership or contributing to our several funds here to help keep us going. More…

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Volunteer Stream Monitoring Fall Training Session

27 Sep , 2014  

Volunteers sorting macroinvertebrates for the YDWP spring volunteer stream monitoring training day 2014.

Big Bay, MI – The Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve is looking for people who love the outdoors and are interested in volunteering and learning more about stream ecology. Volunteers will help collect water quality information for the Yellow Dog and Salmon Trout Rivers alongside YDWP staff this fall and no prior experience is necessary. This project is part of the Volunteer Stream Monitoring Program established by Micorps (Michigan Clean Water Corps) which provides technical assistance, training and grants to volunteer stream monitors and watershed groups in Michigan.

The Volunteer Stream Monitoring project will consist of eighteen sites that are sampled twice a year, once in spring and once in fall throughout the Yellow Dog and Salmon Trout River watersheds. Stream monitoring for each site will be scheduled and all sites will be completed in about 2-4 weeks. Volunteers can pick days that they can help out with the actual monitoring, weather dependent. The training day of the project will take place this fall at 10 a.m. on Saturday September 27, 2014. The day of training will start at the Powell Township School (Big Bay) in the board room. After this, the volunteers will go out in the field for lunch (please bring a bag lunch) and begin in-stream training at a site until 3:00 p.m. Participants should bring waders or tall boots in they have them, but it is not required. Participants should also come prepared for outdoor weather in the UP!

Once again, no experience is necessary. The mission of YDWP is to preserve and protect the Yellow Dog River in its most natural state, for now, and for the benefit of future generations. If you are interested in helping us with this project please reserve your spot by calling (906) 345-9223 or email

Volunteers and a youth adventure club learning about volunteer stream monitoring with the Yellow Dog.

Volunteers and a youth adventure club learning about volunteer stream monitoring with the Yellow Dog.



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